Strategies of Slots Tournaments

  • People strategise in many different ways often depending on the type of tourney.  For example in freeze-out type tournaments where you can not re-buy options – the simplest strategy is to enter at any time and depending on how many spins / credits you have you could just play until you get lucky and get a good position on the leaderboard.  Of course most of this is complete luck.  There is no point in playing especially fast (or slow for that matter) because the whole thing about the random number generators is they change all of the time.  Best to enjoy your game (and also read up the pay tables and see what kind of wins can be achieved for the amount you are betting in the tournament – you might like to play the game another time instead for real money and keep winnings rather than than only playing for the chance of tournament prizes.
  • Deciding whether or not to re-buy will depend on a few things – for example …
  • – How much is it? How much time and/or credit do you get for that (and of course how much time is left before the end of that particular tourney?)
  • – How well are you doing so far?  If not well, of course you will generally always get better (as will others) re-buying extra credits, but you could end up with little progress. It is usually worth trying at least 1 re-buy if you have made a reasonable score after the first buy-in (unless it was free – in which case often it is only worth doing a re-buy if you’re very high up and the prize is worthwhile).
  • – How many re-buys are you allowed for that particular tourney? If it’s only a few then this is where should play carefully with time and if you get a top score, you will want to keep it and make it less achievable / even less desirable for others to compete with by playing a little more and ensuring you keep there). If you have had an unusually massive win and the 2nd place is far away with little time to go you can most likely rest assured that you will win (but of course play out any existing credits/time you have already bought – but go slowly – but leave enough time in case you get a bonus / free spins feature near the end).